I was very pleased with the service at Hamby's. They got my van back to me very quickly. Both times the quote they gave me came back cheaper upon check out. They are very honest with their time. They know what they are doing! - Britni S.

They don't try to sell you something you don't need, they just take care to do it right. - Scott P.

I always receive good service from Hamby's. I've always trusted their work and I appreciate their professionalism. - Bill C.

Hamby's always does a great job for me and they always keep in good contact regarding what they're doing. - Richard D.

I was very satisfied with the work I had done at Hamby's. They are good people to work with and I will continue to go to them for all the work on my vehicle. - Joe H.

These guys are the most AWESOME, personable, caring, people and they all treat you like family. I recommend them to everyone I know or don't know! - Rusty P.

Hamby's got the job done fast and they did great work. If they ever notice anything else that is wrong they will call you and let you know. - Steven P.

Hamby's provides personal service, good repairs and reasonable prices.

I've been doing business at Hamby's for thirty years. They delivered my vehicle to my house and I really appreciate that. - Dean P.

This is one of the best places to have your car serviced. They are fast, friendly and most of all honest. They will let to know what needs immediate attention and what can wait. The dealership's are overpriced and pressure you. They explain things to you, and this is important for women who are sick of mechanics talking down to them! - Selah M.


Hamby's Automotive was very helpful. I appreciate them taking the time to pick up my vehicle from my home. - Cindy H.

Hamby's was able to get my vehicle in for service right away, and it seems to be doing well. I didn't have to wait long for the service to be completed! - Layla E.

Hamby's Auto provides good service, they are pleasant, they have good prices, and they have good people. - Liz K.

Hamby's did good work on my vehicle and the job was well done. They were timely, reasonable and everything was fine. Jason B.

This latest visit was to get my antenna mast replaced. Done with no problems. One of my favorite reasons for continuing to go to Hamby's (17 years) is that they will always spend time to explain what they're doing and why. I've learned a lot over the years. - Olof O.

Bottom line - 100% effort to correct any problems with one's automobile. - Wayne L.

Hamby's Auto is very respectful and treated me great on my visit. They also took care to explain all of their work to me. - Wendy B.

Hamby's gives accurate estimates, they fix the vehicles right the first time, and I've had no problems. - Bryan O.

I went to 2 other shops and both of them told me they needed to keep the car for at least a day (for tail lights not working) and that it would take time and could be costly. When I went to Hambys they said they could diagnois it within an hour or less and they did and they not only found the problem but was able to get a second hand part for $45 instead of the $268 it would have cost new. My total bill was under $130 and I was in and out of there in 1 1/2 hours. Couldn't be happier with the people and the service I got. They will be my GO TO people from now on. - Laurie R.

Hamby's was able to quickly perform the services I requested. As a repeat customer, I always feel better upon leaving & can hear/feel the difference in performance of vehicle. They have earned our trust over multiple positive experiences. - Ratlin P.

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